In 2023, more than 45 bills were introduced across state legislatures targeting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts in higher education. These attacks on DEI predate but have only grown stronger in light of the Supreme Court’s June decision on affirmative action, leaving students of color to feel isolated among their peers at predominately White institutions (PWIs). DEI programs provide crucial support for meeting the diverse needs of all students on campus, but can play an especially critical role in developing a sense of belonging for students of color. Student success on college campuses relies on positive campus racial climate and feelings of belonging.

Learn more about how campus racial climate affects students of color, in their own words.

Threats to DEI are only growing stronger, with continued plans to introduce bills in the next legislative session, and attacks occurring on the accreditation front. Use the interactive dashboard below to keep track of the evolving attacks on DEI across the states.