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Genesis Carela

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Genesis Carela

Senior Policy Analyst for Massachusetts

Genesis Carela is the state senior policy analyst for Massachusetts at The Education Trust. She conducts policy and data analyses to aid in the development and advancement of policy recommendations on issues related to educational opportunity and outcomes in Massachusetts.

Genesis holds a B.A. in political science from the University of Rhode Island and an M.A. in Latinx, Caribbean, and Latin American Studies with a concentration in education policy from the University of Connecticut. Her master’s thesis was one of the first to examine the experiences of students and parents of color amidst district takeover through a case study of Providence Public School district in Rhode Island. She illuminated the experiences of those currently left out of formal decision-making to draw attention to the potential consequences that occur when community perspectives are not included in education reform.

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Why are you passionate about working at Ed Trust?
I grew up in Columbus, OH and later moved to Providence, RI, and I experienced systemic inequities and differences in access to opportunities firsthand. Education has been touted as the great equalizer, but in reality, it often serves to reproduce social inequities. In educational settings, as an Afro-Latinx daughter of immigrant parents, I am reminded that I am an exception and educational systems were not created for me to thrive in. I want to work to address the systemic inequities in education to allow more disadvantaged students the access and opportunities I have been provided so they can thrive and not just survive.

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